Famous last words, Pancho Villa
00:21 AM;

Our perspective is so thin compared to the spectrum of life.

I am one person on a planet of unique billions, orbiting a star as unique as the countless others scattered through the universe.

What makes me think “my reality” is “how it is”.
How narrow minded, this ego..

Chill can be a Philosophy!

And for me it is. Like it’s not just a temperature or a verb. It’s just like…. If you’re chill then you don’t want confrontation because it’s just so silly as a thing in general. Violence is for people who cannot use their words to overcome problems and differences. Prejudice is for people who cannot understand that life is a journey that has so many paths and destinations that you cannot fathom them all and think it’s alright for them to insult and deliberately destroy and/or insult ones view on such a desired path. Anarchy is for the weak minded. Complete power or supremacy to one man is no better. Persons who constantly complain on the internet or humiliate other people through the web are ignorant and silly people who need to learn that sitting here and whining changes nothing.

"Tryhards" are people who put too much effort into something they’re not meant to do. Earlier mentioned paths of life? Each path is made for all different types of people. But each path is a beautiful and natural thing. Am I saying that you should throw no effort into life at all? Absolutely NOT. But don’t try to squeeze water from a rock.

Being a chill person is what I do everyday.

Stay Chill, Keep Loving.

9:11 PM;

The truth is that I welcome the chaos in my life. The everyday problems that come and go like the waves of the ocean. My mind is preoccupied with them from the small insignificant ones to the ones that blindside me and leave me breathless. I welcome the chaos because I become terrified when everything in my life lines up perfectly. When the odds are in my favor. When everything goes according to plan. When I have every reason to be happy. Those moments terrify me because I know that my mind is no longer preoccupied with my problems and I am left alone to face my demons. Nothing to blame. Just me and my own demons.

Hannasinspo Lamp. (via sunflowersandsearchinghearts)
11:35 PM;

What if the universe was just a little electron in an atom in the brain of some gigantic being, black holes were traumas of this being, stars were bright memories, planets as something from daily routine and meteorites as some random thoughts which break apart from the daily routine and impact on this life. Every supernova is a happy memory dying, dark matter is free memory available and our faith is like… A tiny part of the subconsciousness….

Do you fear death ?

It seems like an odd question, but you think about this a lot more than you realize. But let’s not get into that just yet.

Imagine life as a spectrum. Like the color wheel, for instance, and to have stability in life, you have to be at the center of that color wheel. On one side, there is happiness, on the other is sadness. On one side anger and the other side love, and so on and so forth. What happens when you drift closer to sadness on your “color wheel” of life? Not only do you have less happiness, but your whole scale is thrown off. Because of the lack of happiness, there is potentially less love and more anger or less peace and more fear depending on how your wheel is built.

Essentially, (there’s my favorite word) you have to have sadness to want happiness and anger to want love. It makes sense. Look at it this way; if you didn’t have fear, you wouldn’t have a sense of protection. You would cross the street without looking both ways. You would run red lights. You would live in danger and therefore would be incapable of appriciating peace. You have each sense and emotion for a reason.

So back to the topic question… Do you fear death? Some may say yes and some no, but I say that you have to fear death, in order to appreciate life, of course. Think about it- when you get sick, what do you do? You go to the doctor, get medicine, and take it according to instructions all to prolong your life. Why do you prolong life? Because you fear death. If you truly didn’t fear death, you wouldn’t get medication or even go to the doctor. You would embrace death and therefore would not appreciate life.

So my final advice would be to appreciate life. Live and let live. Fear death, but be content in it.

And thats all I’ve got to say. Make it a good day, guys!